Fair Play Tuition

Why have I never heard of Fair Play Tuition?

Well, that’s because the concept was created at our school and it will take some time to get the word out.

How does it work?

You join the classes and work hard to improve your skills. When you think it’s appropriate, for each segment of the curriculum, you make a decision to “approve its quality”. This means that when you are confident that segment was or will be super useful to you, and when you have sufficient funds, you make the commitment to pay the tuition for that segment.

Do you offer tuition waivers?

We do. We may waive the tuition for students — primarily in developing countries — who themselves are engaged in teaching or tutoring others or are engaged in other substantial socially beneficial activities. Waiving the tuition here means that even if the students choose to “approve the quality“ of the education they received from us, they do not have to pay tuition for that education segment.

What if I have no money at this time to pay the tuition?

Time is not important. Only life is important. Take the classes like everyone else. The skills you acquire will enable you to get a great job, gain admission to a university graduate program that includes financial support or secure financing for your startup. Then you can look back and see how useful the education was for you. You will be happy to approve its quality and pay the tuition.

What if I find the education was not right for me?

If you find that a particular segment of the curriculum was not right for you or was not of the quality you expected, you simply don’t make the approval of its quality, and you don’t pay the corresponding tuition. But we would appreciate feedback on how the curriculum and the teaching could be improved.

You will have the opportunity to join the classes for the same curriculum segment in the future if you find yourself ready for it.

How can the school collect any tuition if the students have no legal obligation to pay?

First of all, we manage to keep the tuition way cheaper than what most people would expect. So in the end, the tuition is a fairly negligible amount compared to the students’ salaries.

Second, our students are honest. They follow the principles of fair play. Dishonest people simply don’t join our school. Studying at our school is a lot of work, and dishonest people prefer to get rich quickly without making a lot of effort.

How can I get in touch?

Please send an email to michal@tokyodatascience.com.