Does the school target a certain type of students?

Yes, we target curious students who are determined to achieve something great. Besides that, other characteristics do not matter. The ages of the students at our school ranged between 16 and 67, but really, there is no lower or upper limit. We do need people to have some command of English, though. In the future we hope to expand the instruction to other languages as well.

Where do the students work?

Some of the school's students found work after finishing their courses at Tokyo Data Science, and some of them worked concurrently with taking our classes. Their employers include academic institutions, companies such as Amazon, Rakuten, Alphabet, Intel, Broadcom, Intuit, Hewlett Packard, Woven Planet, Nomura Securities, or Alexander Thamm GmbH, as well as smaller startups, for example, in education, biotechnology, work collaboration software, asset trading, or machine-learning consulting. Some students pursue the path of establishing their own organizations. They also do volunteer work for organizations such as Effective Altruism. One of the students, prior to joining our school, co-founded the Pan African Sickle Cell Federation International and keeps playing a remarkable role in supporting sickle cell advocacy in Africa. Of course, we would be thrilled to have more students like that, if possible.

What if I have to care for a small child?

No problem! The curriculum is flexible, and you can choose to go through it at the right pace, as long as you can join most of the live meetings of courses you select. You will also get extra support from us to make things more manageable for you. If at some point you find you have no time at all, it is easy to pause your studies and join later.

Do the students receive degrees or certificates from the school?

The students generally don’t feel they need a degree or a certificate from us. If they want to have an official degree, they get admitted to graduate programs at universities, which in the past included MILA at the University of Montreal, founded by the AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio. If the students want to gain employment, it’s enough if they use their skills to pass the job interviews. They don’t need an extra degree or certificate. The school is building a network of connections to companies to make the process as smooth as possible.

Are the students from any particular part of the world?

We have close connections to Japan, to Silicon Valley, and the US in general, to Czechia, and to Romania. But our students are from all continents except for Antarctica. Joining our school is possible from any time zone in the world.

How can I get in touch?

Please send an email to