Cookies Policy

This document ("Cookies Policy") explains the cookies practices for our website and is part of the Privacy Policy.

This website uses two kinds of cookies: Google Analytics cookies and essential cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data stored by your browser. They allow for keeping track of repeat visitors. If you consent to our usage of cookies, your browser will send to Google Analytics servers information about which pages on our site are accessed through your browser. If you do not consent to our usage of cookies, nothing will be sent there at all. If you first consent to our usage of cookies and later change your mind, you can revoke your consent using the "Cookies" tab at the bottom of the displayed web page. If you do not immediately see the tab, which may be the case for desktop computer users, move your mouse to the bottom of the page and the tab will move up to become fully visible. Our website will remain fully functional even if you decline to consent to our usage of cookies.

The cookies are not used for us to receive Personally Identifiable Information about you. We only get access to overall statistics compiled by Google Analytics. We obtain overall statistics on visitors' browsing and network behavior. In addition, Google Analytics compiles for us overall statistics on users' locations, genders, age groups, and interests, based on Google's best guesses about these characteristics.

Google Analytics is very helpful to us. We wish to provide education to many different demographics in many places in the world. Seeing the statistics that Google Analytics compiles is very useful for us because it helps us see if we are failing to reach the audience that needs us. We intend to use this information to improve our school and for targeted/personalized advertising. Of course, if we see that we are reaching the groups who need us even without advertising, we will not use advertising. We strongly prefer the knowledge about our school to spread by direct offline or online contacts between people. However, these contacts strongly depend on existing social connections and may fail to reach some groups.

Besides Google Analytics, our site uses essential cookies. These are simply used to remember your choice regarding the consent so that you are not asked the same consent question over and over.

If our Cookies Policy changes, the update will be immediately posted here and we will ask the visitors to our website for consent to the new Cookies Policy. If you have any reason to believe we are not abiding by the posted Cookies Policy, please contact us immediately by phone or email.

We welcome suggestions for improvements to this Cookies Policy.

Last updated September 14, 2021