Physical locations and online instruction

Our school provides instruction both in physical classrooms and live online. The online experience is almost identical to the classroom experience, including all interactivity. This is very different from watching lecture videos. To learn more about this distinction, please see our overview of courses.

As of May 12, 2019, our school provides instruction to students from 20 countries in 5 continents: Africa (7), Asia (4), Europe (4), North America (3), and South America (2). We are grateful to the organizers of many IndabaX deep-learning conferences for spreading the word about our school in Africa.

We provide instruction in three time-zone groups:

The first group includes in-person instruction in Tokyo. It is possible for remote students to learn live online on most days but sometimes come to Tokyo for in-person instruction. Tokyo is an amazing place to see, as is the rest of Japan. It is also possible to switch between the time-zone groups if you need to move between continents.

You could also temporarily move to Tokyo. You may not need any special visa for that, depending on circumstances. One of our students used the Working Holiday Visa opportunity to move to Tokyo to attend our school in person. Living in Tokyo is really cheap, no matter what the confused foreign media, including The Economist, may tell you.

Note: If we are not allowed to provide education services to the residents of the place where you live by law or by international sanctions, you will have to wait until these regulations are changed.