Diversity and non-discrimination

The goal of our school is to make sure that no one's talent is left unrecognized. Clearly, we don't discriminate against anyone based on any characteristic of people (except for their potential malicious intent, of course). We would be hurting our school if we did. In the long run, we expect the distribution of our student's characteristics to be close to such distribution in the world population.

Our internal policies are designed to make anyone feel welcome and comfortable. We know that requires effort. For example, we may admit students from countries where most of the population is biased against a particular group. We don't expect these students not to have any such bias from the very start, although that would be preferred, of course. Instead, we will provide information to them and discuss these issues with them so that they can correct their expectations. We don't think we will ever need to expel anyone from the school for these reasons. Most people are able to understand even very complex issues when information and evidence are presented to them in a clear way, in the form of a respectful discussion.

"Alright. But what about the fact that the school charges reduced tuition or zero tuition to students in developing countries? Isn't that discrimination against people in developed countries?", you may ask. Well, it is price discrimination, but not discrimination against anyone. We didn't invent the world income inequality. We are working towards eliminating it. Once we have succeeded and all countries are equally rich, we will charge the same tuition in all countries. In the meantime, we have to charge lower tuition in countries where education is most needed in order to be able to provide it there.