Overview of Courses

Our courses are designed to teach skills that would be impossible to learn or hard to learn from massive open online courses. By working closely with the students taking his classes at the University of Tokyo, Michal identified many types of gaps in students' knowledge that massive open online courses are unable to fill. We fix this problem the hard way: by a highly individualized approach with close mentorship and by knowledge, skill, and education quality checks throughout the entire program.

The curriculum is organized into modules (courses), which can be taken independently. Most of our students choose to study all of the modules, but those who are too busy or who have highly focused interests are can take only those modules that are most relevant to them. The whole curriculum is designed to take one or two years, but it is possible to proceed faster.

List of Modules

Essentials of Machine Learning and Neural Networks

  1. Machine Learning Essentials
  2. Neural Network Essentials

Modules Dependent on ML/NN Essentials

Modules Independent on ML/NN Essentials

Software and Hardware Focused Modules