If you are ready to make effort, read on

You may be a student, an academic, a private or public sector employee, an entrepreneur, a parent on parental leave, or you may have no time commitment at all. But you understand the pitfalls and inadequacies of traditional education systems in both the developed and developing world. You believe there must be a way to fix that. We agree.

At our school, we work hard to achieve the best student outcomes. We provide maximum flexibility to the students so that anyone around the world can participate while honoring their current commitments.

We hope you'll join our school and that you become as enthusiastic about learning as we are.

University and Private-Sector Experience

Our school benefits from years of experience teaching graduate-level Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning/Deep Learning courses at the University of Tokyo. The enrollment in these classes, taught by Michal, grew five-fold as he incorporated countless suggestions from the students. The school also benefits from the experience of teaching these subjects to software engineers in the private sector. And of course, from teaching at Tokyo Data Science itself.

Please see our overview of courses or use the menu at the top of this page to learn about other aspects of the school.

Getting a job

If your goal is to get a job, we'll work hard to make sure you get your dream job and excel at it.

Getting better at your job

If you already have a job, we'll help you to expand your skills. Then you can take on new responsibilities at your current job.

Applying to graduate schools

If you plan to apply to graduate schools, you'll be amazed by how much support you'll get from us. Advancing scientific knowledge is a top priority for us. That includes humanities.

Building your startup

We'll be thrilled if you use your new knowledge to build a startup. We can help you think through your strategy even before you contact potential employees or investors.

Building your non-profit

If you use your new knowledge to build a socially minded not-for-profit organization, that will be lovely. Expect tons of support from us.

Working together with us

If you have a stellar performance in our program, you could also gain employment at our school.

Ways to reach us